Integrated Computer in Your Brain

Integrated-Computer-in-Your-BrainOne businessman looks at the future with confidence that it will surely be a world of intelligent machines. Machines that can drive a car on its own or robots that can understand what we need before we ask it to them. On the other hand, as computers are evolving, the human brain has been limited to what it can do since the general public wants to bestow all these tasks to the machines. The integration of computer to the human brain has been a dream for so many years now, but it is no longer a fiction now. It can be done in order to keep up the pace with the machines.

The process is quite simple. A tiny chip is being implanted to the human brain to collect information and data that needs to be analyzed in order to check and help people currently suffering from neurological damage caused by Alzheimer’s, strokes or concussions. The chip is simply called neuroprosthetic. It is expected in the long run to boost intelligence, enhance the memory, and other brain tasks. This will surely be a great leap for mankind.

The device took years in the making, admits Bryan Johnson. The research demands more time to in order to fully established the task. In order to support the project, Johnson sold his company over PayPal. It may appear too impossible or in some ways too fictional to believe in, however, let us not forget that there are fictional beliefs in the past as well but science made them a reality.

This project can be a successful one when given enough financial support from international organizations. This project will soon accelerate scientific breakthroughs and will certainly provide answers to some questions that has been left hanging over centuries now.