Increasing Airport Security With These New Technologies

Increasing-Airport-SecurityThere has been an increased need for airlines to have more seamless processing, improvement on the accuracy of threat detection as well as enhancements on the checking of baggage. As more and more people are using the airlines for travel, the TSA is currently exploring new security enhancements that will benefit not just the airport and airline personnel, but also its multitude of passengers.

New Technologies That Will Help Improve Airport Security

* CT Scanners – Computed Tomography (CT) Scanning, is a type of machine that is most commonly used to diagnose illnesses or diseases in hospitals. A similar technology is being considered as a solution that can help in improving airport security screening. The TSA has announced that it will be collaborating with American Airlines to install 3D CT Scanning machines in the US.

Analogic is offering a CT scanner called COBRA. This has been available since 2006. The importent benefits of CT technology allow passengers to keep laptops and liquids in the bag when they reach checkpoint. The machine maintains or exceeds the detection capability of existing equipment at checkpoints. CT technology can also collect more data.

The COBRA system is currently being tested at Luton Airport and it has currently agreed in installing this system permanently.

* Screening Lanes – In collaboration with American Airlines, the TSA has also announced that it is going to install security screening lanes in some airports. Key features of this lane include conveyor belts that automatically move carry-on bags through the X-ray scanner. Images are being captured before they go through and are linked to an X-ray scan. The RFID or the Radio Frequency Identification tags are also added to the bins as it will help in the accountability of items as they are being moved through the system. Bags that contain questionable items are being redirected to one side in order to allow a continuous, uninterrupted flow of passengers and bags.